Outsource your IT department

The number one reason why small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) outsource their information technology needs is that they want to experience fewer headaches

Any IT department is made up of people running a complex environment of hardware, software, and computer networks that allow the company to perform important business functions and work flows. Company’s success depends entirely on being able to use these components together reliably and efficiently.

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Our Services

Flexible different cooperation models that helps you manage your IT function

outsource your infra-structure that contains all your hardware and network environment, including security, operating systems, and database engines
outsource all your business applications to be hosted and maintained remotely
have all your business applications' customized as per best practice business-value-driven consultations
outsource all your data entry and validation tasks, reports' generation, work flow management, and any other routine tasks that do not mandate the involvement of specific business function(s)


Ready-made state-of-the-art solutions for versatile business needs

Big Data


create visualizations, dashboards, and apps that answer all your company’s most important questions. find knowledge hidden within your data



use technology as an enabler to create experiential learning that activates multiple new neural pathways for learners. Which supports greater internalization of psycho-social competencies.


Portals & Mobile Apps

utilize the power of aura portal as an integration platform linking tailored ambient and business mobile apps to constitute a framework of mobility around your area of interest

cloud-based CRM

SF.com & Sugar

utilize social CRM features to create a reliable customers' management platform that connects to customers' social profiles, and link customer's personal and business information all in one place.

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AbdelAziz Kamel

Al-Wadi Group, CIO. great partnership that lead to successful outcomes.

Ahmad AbdelHady

TE Data, IT Sr. Manager The quality of services can only be matched by the flexabilities of offering and contracting

Our Partners

to achieve excellence we rely on carefully chosen partners each on his area of spciality

User experience


Product Strategy & Concept Visioning

UX Consultation

UX Design


web development


Web Hosting

Portal development

App development


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