Big Data


Data Discovery is a user-driven process of searching for patterns or specific items in a data set. Data Discovery applications use visual tools such as geographical maps, pivot-tables, and heat-maps to make the process of finding patterns or specific items rapid and intuitive. Data Discovery may leverage statistical and data mining techniques to accomplish these goals.

Qlikview is a powerful tool to create visualizations, dashboards, and apps that answer all your company’s most important questions. find knowledge hidden within your data.

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“Learning is like an orchestra. There are many different instruments, and to reach everyone you need to put a symphony of different kinds of pedagogy together. Augmented learning technologies provide a set of instruments to educationists to achieve that range of instructional strategies.” — Dr. Chris Dede, Harvard Graduate School of Education

iAugmentor is an innovative technology to create experiential learning

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According to research, the Smart City market is estimated at hundreds of billion dollars by 2020, with an annual spending reaching nearly 16 billions. This market springs from the synergic interconnection of key industry and service sectors, such as Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Utilities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Environment. All relying on iOT, and making use of ambient mobile apps

Pro-SolutionZ utilizes the power of aura portal as an integration platform linking tailored ambient and business mobile apps.

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cloud-based CRM


Before managing your customers, you need to know them. Pro-SolutionZ utilizes social CRM features to create a reliable customers’ management platform that connects to customers social profiles and link customer personal and business information all in one place.

As a technology choice, Pro-SolutionZ solutions rely on: Salesforce CRM applications that are built on the power of App Cloud, so you can run your business on any device, easily build new customer applications or integrate with existing back office systems. Or Sugar CRM which is the most innovative, mobile and flexible social ready CRM.