Professional IT Outsourcing Services


Why outsourcing your IT department ?

1- Control and Reduce Costs
2- Focus on Your Business
3- Access to the Most Current Technology
4- 24*7*365 Monitoring of Your IT Environment
5- Minimize Risk
6- Share Strategic Consulting, and Future IT Roadmap Planning with experts
7- Increase ProductivityP

How to do it ?

you need to determine how much you need to go (yes, you can do it in steps)

1- platform as a service “PAAS”

outsource your infra-structure that contains all your hardware and network environment, including security, operating systems, and database engines. (more details)

2- software as a service “SAAS”

outsource all your business applications to be hosted and maintained remotely. (more details)

3- managed implementation services

business applications’ customization as per best practice business-value-driven consultation.  (more details)

4- managed operations’ services

outsource data entry and validation tasks, reports’ generation, work flow management, and any other routine tasks that do not mandate the involvement of specific business function.  (more details)