ProSolutionZ announces tie-up with iAugmentor Labs Pvt. Ltd. to launch a technology enabled learning platform to enhance the employability of the new age millennial.

Another defining step taken by ProSolutionZ for Technology Services, towards actualizing 2020 vision of being enhancing the employability quotient of the youth of Egypt by ushering the concept of ‘Classroom without Walls’

Cairo, 25th May, 2016: Globally, visionary organisations are taking steps to enable, future “classrooms without walls” that can supplement traditional learning with on-demand, experiential learning that create personalized trajectories for their self improvement journey. ProSolutionZ for Technology Services joins a select group of organizations in Egypt; who are enabling universities translate their vision for the future into very concrete steps towards technology enabled personalized learning


Rapid growth in technology has made every service we desire available on-demand at the click of a button. In such a scenario how can learning be far behind? As of date traditional learning models of sitting in a classroom during prescribed hours and listening to a teacher are being replaced by technology enabled learning platforms. Now the learner can learn as per his convenience of time & physical space. Learning is becoming personalized to suit the temperaments of the individual through the use of technology.


Prosolutions for Technology Services has always been at the forefront of taking initiatives to enable learners learn the way they want to learn. As part of this initiative, it has tied up with iAugmentor Labs Pvt. Ltd. to teach life skills to its students through the iAugmentor platform. iAugmentor Labs is a company involved in augmenting the learning experience of individuals through the use of technology. iAugmentor Labs is an India based technology enabled learning platform, which is working with the leading universities of India. Through its platform iAugmentor has brought about a paradigm shift in the way learning is delivered and absorbed amongst the students in leading Indian universities.


Through the iAugmentor platform, learner can improve his/her understanding of various life skills in an interactive manner that is personalized to his needs. The student will learn without being taught, as the emphasis is on experiential learning i.e. learning by doing. The learner will have the flexibility of engaging the learning tools on-demand; anywhere, anytime, as many times as they want. The learner charts his own course of learning as the platform will adapt to the learning needs to the learner and suggest relevant learning items.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Walid Hamed, C.E.O. of ProSolutionZ for Technology Services said, “The youth of today wants on-demand learning, fuelled by the limitless access to information provided by technology. We, at ProSolutionZ for Technology Services, aim to provide transformational learning approaches to the universities & individuals in Egypt, which keep pace with evolving technological advancements and their learning needs. Our partnership with iAugmentor, enables the youth to enhance their employability and professional impact through experiential and adaptive mobile-learning 


Commenting on this development, Pratik Marwah, Cofounder and COO of iAugmentor said,  “We would like to compliment the leadership team of ProSolutionZ for Technology Services for the foresight and courage to be an early adopter in Egypt, of very specific global trends and align with evolving new millennial learner needs. By embracing iAugmentor’s mobility based learning platforms. We are confident that this partnership will contribute to bridging the skill deficit that the youth in Egypt faces. iAugmentor is excited to work with the team at ProSolutionZ for Technology Services to streamline the learning efforts at institutes and make it the most effective and impactful learning platform for the youth of Egypt.”